Today’s 2015 business is all about digital transformation. The question is: how best to get in front of the curve, and stay there?

At 4cube, we are Florida-centric, servicing our clients from commercial enterprise to healthcare.  4cube focuses on the interaction between the application and the infrastructure – planning, designing, and implementing next generation IT infrastructure that supports today’s image-intensive, Big Data, mobile-enabled applications.  Our goal is to enable your success, with expertise, integrity, and professionalism. 

Let us help you navigate and create your application's Infrastructure for Tomorrow.



  • Technology Planning
  • Business Process
  • SMB and Enterprise
  • Application strategy


  • Technology Solutions
  • Multi-vendor Integration
  • Cloud and Hybrid Cloud
  • Data Center Optimization


  • Technology Integrations
  • Virtualization
  • Hardware Upgrade Planning
  • Interoperability Partner